Award-winning photographer, Eoin Vincent had his first one-person show of fine art photography in 1987.  With over 25 years of experience, he has thrived to continuously create a body of work that tells a story. Much more than a photographer, Vincent is a writer, historian, technologist, and public speaker. (And most recently a coffee roaster.)
He has shown his photography work throughout New England, in private collections around the world and is a permanent part of the Peabody Essex Museum collection. 
 "I desire to create engaging images that freeze time and offer ideas and narratives. Collaborating with people and bringing their story to life is one of the many joys of this work."
It is revealed as Vincent is drawn to different styles of dance, CrossFit, and portraits of personalities as the body and mind connection and how it transferred to emotions, movements, and shapes of light on his images.
His ability to connect with people and to learn about their passion, their craft, their moment and their motion in time is reflected in his project Rockport Artists. As a historian and story-teller, Vincent created a series of interviews in that project which have been sourced by the New York Times, Boston Globe and Art in America. 
As a public speaker, Eoin has spoken on subjects of Tanzania, based around his book "Eyes of Tanzania", published in 2007,  the work of is uncle's, Peter Vincent ASMA at the Cape Ann Museum and in multiple venues on the intersection of photography, technology, and digital marketing. 
"I have been fortunate to work with great people and travel all over the world. I strive to  continually learn and grow to find creative ways to capture stories."
If you are interested in speaking with, hiring, buying, sharing or licensing the photography of Eoin Vincent, please contact Eoin at
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