Eyes of Tanzinia Talk June 23rd at 7pm

June 6th, 2010

Eoin Vincent is back to give his Eyes of Tanzania lecture and update on this project at the Rockport Art Association June 23rd at 7pm.

In November of 2007, Eoin Vincent visited and photographed eighteen orphanages, schools, and hospitals near Arusha, Tanzania. His lecture and book is a photographic record of the places he visited and the extraordinary people he met. Eoin will give a slide show and a talk about his experiences and how his book Eyes of Tanzania raised funds and for the lives of the people he came to know.

Free and Open to the Public
Refreshments and book signing will follow the presentation.

Learn more at: http://www.rockportartassn.org/lectures.htm

and http://www.eoinvincent.com/tza/

Winter into Spring update

March 29th, 2010

18879_400256855248_781670248_10335367_7041829_nMany things have happened since the last time I posted. Recently, the need requests from my friends in Tanzania have been ones of food. With this in mind we have help out with two different food distributions outside the city of Arusha. Helping some people that really need this help.

I was also fortunate enough to help a friends project that just finished a few weeks ago. She build chicken coops, got chickens and roosters. Brought food and drinking water to outline villages and mosquito nets. I was able to happen in part, because of a donation from a colleague of mine. I am very thankful of his support.
He left me with these words “We are very blessed to be able to help in a small way”, and this we are. Thank you.

I am also very excited that the slide show is going on the road in the next month. I will speaking and presenting to some of my mothers friends later this month and I will also be talking at a local school in the the near future. It is great feeling having this continuing on.

Thanks – Eoin

Rethinking Christmas

January 7th, 2010

A few years ago when I got back from trip to Tanzania my wife asked me to go get the kids a few gifts at the store. That request set off a emotional response that I was not expecting and I found myself crying in a store staring at all the stuff at was wanted, but not really needed. It was a very different vision than what I had been used to for the last two weeks in Tanzania.

After that Christmas I really thought about what was missing from the holiday, I had no desire for more stuff, I could hardly use all the stuff that I had. Somewhere along the line I realized that, what I desired from Christmas was another Thanksgiving. I wanted my family close and to be thankful for all that I have.


This year my wife and I decided to rethink Christmas. We decided that the kids where not getting gifts this year. That they were getting money. Money that they could donate to causes that they wanted to support. The kids did not complain, they spoke about it at school with their friends and teachers and I am told that some of the kids even said that my wife and I were being mean. But my kids defended our idea and believed that there was a greater need then us getting more stuff. Then one night in late December we decided what groups we wanted to help and it was fun drinking tea and figuring out what we were going to give to Heifer, the  Boston Food bank, the Defenders of Wildlife and some of my friends in Tanzania.

On Christmas as my kids opened there stockings of candy (you can not deprive a kid of everything) my son gave the above card to my wife and I think it says it all.

I hope everyone a great 2010.  – Eoin

If Lawrence of Arabia made you thirsty, then The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind will make you hungry

November 7th, 2009

dsc_5626The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a book written by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer documenting William’s life growing up in Malawi, Africa. I was very familiar with Williams story  when I started reading this book but it still completely amazing not only telling the story of William accomplishments, but taking the time to explain some of the culture, which help me better understanding on how his actions would make people wonder if he was crazy.

William goes into great detail on the struggle for food in 2002 and how his family surveyed the lack of food and how they all coped with only spoonfuls of food a day. He builds a great narrative with his stories on how many people reacted during these hard times of chaos, corruption and dangers that faced many. It left me looking a food differently.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is not a depressing book, it is just painfully real in parts. It also does a great job of taking us through the main event of Williams process in learning and building a Windmill from scraps in a junk yard. The problems that he ran across building this and the success that it brought him.

William had been a bright light for me ever since I say his first talk on TED reminding me of the many amazing students that I had met in Tanzania. His 5 min talk at TED  (seen here >>) had brought me to tears and I made a connection between his story and the stories of the many studies I had met on my trip.

Eoin Vincent & William Kamkwamba
Eoin Vincent & William Kamkwamba

I was lucky to see William and Bryan at MIT last month and to hear more about his amazing story of bring electricity and so much more to his home and village. William and Bryan had a great sense of humor during their talk and there ability to take us through his struggles and victories was fascinating to listen to.

I highly recommend reading Williams book and hearing his talks, it will make you hungry to help and understand more.

You can read William’s Blog here http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/

Call for Help – The Eyes of Tanzania – Book

August 17th, 2009

Bloggers, Twitters and Friends,

I need your help! Help me spread the word about my book “The Eyes of Tanzania”.
The project has made donations to 4 schools and has helped fund a windmill for power in another school.

The impact is real!

I recently received a e-mail that gave me goose bumps reading, from one of the schools last week. The donation we made has impacted 12 children, giving them exercise books, pen, pencils, other reading books and has paid for the fees of the 3rd term of secondary school for one student. It is amazing!

Thanks to everyone who has done so much already!

So, Now I am in phase two.
I have just ordered a new batch of books and they are ready to be sold and I need your help to spread the word!
I would be happy to talk to anyone about the project or give a talk about it if any one is interested.
Just as a reminder – all profits go back to the groups that I visited in Tanzania and organizations supporting the growth and positive future of the African nations.

For you bloggers you can use these images for any posts about the project.


If you need a PDF version of the book, for review, let me know.

The book is on sale and available online at


It is also available at

Rockport Art Association
12 Main St
Rockport, MA 01966-1594
(978) 546-6604

Toad Hall Book Store
47 Main St
Rockport, MA 01966-1597
(978) 546-7323

You can always learn more at my blog




Donations have begun

July 5th, 2009

It has happened. I have created the circle back to Tanzania. Last week, I was very happy to final start wiring money back to some of the organizations in the book.
I have started with donations of $200 and I have addressed 4 of the groups so far.
Shepherds Junior
Best Centre for the Blinds
I hope to do more soon, but I realize that I have a reprint of the book that might have to happen soon. I have also requested that everyone get back to me on how the funds have been used and this came back to me from Shija at Educare.

shijaDear  Eoin
Re: Funds being raised, I received .  thanks a lot for a fantastic work you done, Congratulation.  About our Educare programs, we still working in a hard situation, but we praise God that he enable us and we are continuing well. We established a orphanage project with kindergarten school, This is located at Kisongo about 10 km from Arusha town among the Arusha  -  Dodoma  road, after passing  Arusha airport.
This project, the aim is to provide education for those children who are orphans,  HIV / AIDS victims and those from poor families. We strive for maasai’s children and farmers  The effected number of students is 15, this is the minimum which we have, but maximum will be 30 to 40.  who are totally living in the orphanage. Those we provide food, medication, clothes, school materials
So, we have big needs. The money, will use for food, medication, clothes for orphans who are in orphanage  and to pay house rent. This will impact our children to be healthily, ability to be in class.

Thanks Eoin for good work.
Have a nice day.


Novat Shija
Educare coordinator


June 7th, 2009

4640_1167361949303_1385575808_453663_4316813_nI would like to thank the Rocky Neck Art colony for having me talk at their Night on the Neck series. My talk was at the Goetemann Gallery and I had a fantastic host, Judy, who made me feel right at home at her and husbands gallery. Judy and her husband Gordon do some beautiful work, thanks again for making your gallery available to us.

I also need to thank AV / cashier guy Ben. Who pulled out all the stops and documented the night and sold some books. Thanks for all you help.

Best – Eoin

Eyes of Tanzania Talk @ Nights on the Neck

May 25th, 2009

I will doing my Eyes of Tanzania talk and slide show on Nights of the Neck June 4th on Rocky Neck Gloucester. My talk will be at the Goetemann Gallery and will start at 7:15.
To learn more about Nights of the neck and the other artist please visit. Nights of the Neck >>

Eyes of Tanzania is now available online

May 5th, 2009

Eyes of Tanzania The book that I have been working on for over a year is now available at the TZA webstore. Please order your copy here >> and help support schools, orphanages and hospitals in the Arusha area of Tanzania.

“This effort was originally the idea of my then 11-year-old daughter, who thought that if she could help just one child get an education that she could make a positive impact in the world. Her wish sent me on a journey to Arusha, Tanzania, where I photographed eighteen different orphanages, schools, and hospitals, an effort that inspired me as I observed what people were doing to help each other, how dedicated they were to their work, and how strong their desire for learning was.” – Eoin Vincent

All of the profits from the sale of this book will go to the organizations that I visited to help support efforts so important to Tanzania’s future.

To order your copy >>>

Two weeks later

April 29th, 2009

I am still hearing great things about the talk. Thank you all for the kind words and e-mails.

I wanted to give the two week update. So far we have raised $1790.00 from book and card sales!

Thank you everyone.

I will be meeting with the bank on Saturday to arrange wiring some of this money to the different groups.

More news soon. E

Ten Thousand Thank You’s

April 16th, 2009

PepsiThanks to everyone that came out last night to hear me talk. I am told that I did a good job. Conveniently, I hit the play button instead of the record button on my camcorder, so I do not get to over analyze my nervousness.  The record of the night is in the minds of the 100 +- people that where there.

Unofficial count is that I sold 45 books, I also got a hold on 6, and 2 friends that stop me today that want to by one, but the line was to long after the talk.

I will be posting the book on-line May 1st on the TZA etsy site.  http://tza2007.etsy.com/

Thanks again for your support!


Awarded – Gerald R. O’Brien Memorial Award

April 11th, 2009


As I prepare for my talk at the RAA this week (April 15). I submitted “Early Morning Light” from my trip, to the Spring photo show at the RAA. I receved a phone call on Tuesday that the image I submited had won the Gerald R. O’Brien Memorial Award, for excellence in photography.

Wow, I am speechless.

Gloucetser Daily Times – Eyes of Taniznia Story

April 9th, 2009


There is a really nice story in the GDT about the book and opening.
Daughter’s charitable act inspires Rockport photographer’s journey to Africa >>

RAA and Eyes of Tanzinia

March 7th, 2009

Eyes of TanzaniaHi All,

I just appoved the card for the show and the RAA has posted a notice on their calandar.


Things are coming together.

Hey, save this date, Eoin is going to be talking about us!

January 18th, 2009

Kids of Nkoaranga

That’s right, the date has been set.

I will be doing a book signing and lecture at the Rockport Art Association.

April 15th at 7:00 pm at the RAA  http://www.rockportartassn.org/

The lecture will be free and open to all, it will also be the first time to be able to pick up a copy of Eyes of Tanzania.

My lecture is going to focused on a few of the schools, orphanages and hospitals that I visited. Complete with unpublished photos and stories and a short overview of some of the challenges faced during the trip as a modern photographer.

I hope to see you there.

Elimu Community Light Childern Unit – Website

December 31st, 2008

One of the many amazing places I went to during my trip was meeting the kids at Elimu. During my time there I witnessed a amazing program that supports the local children with education and food. When I left, I was asked, if I could build them a website to support their school. Today, I am happy to say I final finished their website.
Elimu Community Light Childern Unit

- Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving.

November 27th, 2008

It has been a year since I have traveled to Tanzania.
I have spent the better part of the last week reflecting on my trip. Reflection on the work that I have done and how much I have not. It has been a little bit of a emotionally week, lots of thinking.

I have been e-mail many of my friends in Arusha, it has been great to touch base with them again. To see how they are doing and how much things have changed in a year. I hope to reach out to all the volunteers that I meet durning the trip to see how they are doing, but time this week has been escaping me.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

More to come soon. I will be giving a lecture this spring and the book continues on.


Eyes of Tanzania at RAA New Artist Show

November 8th, 2008

New Artist Show

I am very happy to announce that three images for the Eyes of Tanzania project have been chosen for the new Artist Show at the Rockport Art Association.

Nov 4th to Dec 4th

The Rockport Art Association
12 Main Street • Rockport MA

TZA photos at RAA show

- The book is still going, we are getting closer.
Hope everyone is well.

The book update

October 21st, 2008

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting much and telling more of the stories of the trip.
I have been really busy after getting back from Japan. I will post more stories soon.

I have found a new process that I will be printing the book, I was very unhappy with the quality of the print and size of the page for the first printing process. Like everything there are trade off’s but I think this will be the best. I have to to do some work, resizing the pages (larger) and reworking some of the images. Hopefully, after that everything will speed up in the next week.

Blog Action Day – Poverty

October 15th, 2008

Today is Blog Action Day, and the idea is a day that bloggers write on a subject to bring a focus to that issue. This years subject is “Poverty” and as many would know this is a subject that I am active in.

After traveling to Tanzania last Thanksgiving, I was given a view of life that is very different, than what I was used to. Poverty has struck many parts of Africa, but the amazing thing that I felt and had seen when I was there, was a strength, desire, and hope of the people.

The kids that I worked with, which had nothing, knew that if they got a education, that they would get a better opportunity in life. A opportunity that could get them housing, food, and clothing.

The other perspective that I received after getting back was the fact that I needed to leave Boston to see Boston and its needs. My family has helped out many times with food banks and food fund raisers, but it never struck me so hard that in our own back yard there are profound needs.

If you can help out a local food bank, give time.

or if you like you can help a group close to me

The Tanzania Hope Fund was started in 2006 by a good friend Gail Ahern she founded the Fund after her first visit to Tanzania in 2006 with Cross Cultural Solutions. Seeing the many orphanages that were in dire need of the basic necessities, she felt that everyone back home would be willing to share and to care.

If you would like to provide financial support to the Tanzanian Hope Fund please make checks out to Plymouth Haven Baptist Church and in the memo section please put “Tanzanian Hope Fund” and send it to the following address.

The Tanzania Hope Fund
C/O Plymouth Haven Baptist Church
8600 Plymouth Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22308