Sound Project 1 – Music for Car Commercials

Sound Project 1

Featuring Eoin Vincent, Dan Farrenkopf, Adrian Canoso and Al Mallette with special guests Frank Lenord, Stormy Gleason and Coleman Flanagan

In January of 2005 I invited a bunch on friends to join a virtual band. We would start with a track and pass it on to a member, who after editing and adding would pass it on to the next member. The musicians were asked to bend, fold add and have fun, take the music to there creative place. The only rule was that we would all use Apple’s Computer Garage Band, an application that has been shipping with all Macintosh’s for the last 2 years.

When creating Sound Project 1, my original goal was to create one song. But, as more work was being done and the more each person added to the track, the more I realized that there was a need to have all the songs become part of the final project, and born was layers. Each song is called a layer, layer one being the first track created and layer seven being the final work.

Each song has amazing moments, each surprised me.
I hope you enjoy.

Sound Project 1 – Music for Car Commercials.
All files MP3

Layer 7 (3.1MB) Final Track

Layer 6 (5.1MB)

Layer 5 (9.1MB)

Layer 4 (4.4MB)

Layer 3 (4.5 MB)

Layer 2 (3.9 MB)

Layer 1 (2.9 MB) First Track

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