New Years 2015 I had received a few B&W photographic challenges on Facebook from friends and family. Prior to accepting this challenge I was feeling creatively blind. I posted the first image on January 5th and by the time I posted the 5th image my sister and wife were pushing me to do more. 30. 50. Why not 365? This was the show of the results.


Interviews & Conversations with Rockport Artist

Rockport Artist is a website started by artist and Rockport native Eoin Vincent. Its goal is to document one of the unique charters of the town, which is to recognize that many artists live and produce their work in Rockport or have used Rockport as a stop along their paths in life.


Eyes of Tanzania

In November of 2007, Eoin Vincent visited and photographed eighteen orphanages, schools, and hospitals near Arusha, Tanzania. He has lectured and wrote a photographic book as a record of the places he visited and the extraordinary people he met.


18 Haven

In August of 2012 Eoin’s uncle Peter Vincent passed away. Boxes and boxes of negatives, slides, and films were found and the estate asked me to look after them. Over time, he wanted to put something together for the family, though as he looked at many of the images, there seemed to be a need to share some of these images and stories immediately with family and the larger community of Cape Ann, historic, designer, and local families.


Sound Project 1 – Music for Car Commercials

In January of 2005, Eoin invited a bunch on friends to join a virtual band. They would start with a track and pass it on to a member, who after editing and adding would pass it on to the next member. The musicians were asked to bend, fold add and have fun, take the music to there creative place. The end result was a 7 track EP  called Music for Car Commercials.