Website Design


Eoin Vincent designs and co-developments of The Olympus-IMS website. A international multilingual focused on the marketing of Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gages, Videoscopes, High Speed Video and Microscopes.

Over the years he has helped Non-profits and friends build and develop webpages and sites. Here is a listing of some of the site that Eoin has worked on:

Simply Daisy – This website for his wife Lisa Vincent’s pottery work.

Jenga Jumuiya – Jenga Jumuiya is a non-profit organization focused on providing educational opportunities for the most needy students in developing countries.

ECOLI – Non-profit community based organization dedicated to the empowerment of marginalized groups in Arusha and the nation of Tanzania.

Rockport Artists – Its goal is to document one of the unique charters of the town of Rockport MA, which is to recognize the many artists that live and produce their work in Rockport or have used Rockport as a stop along their paths in life.

Perry’s Waterfront Apartments – A site designed by Eoin to market 5 ocean front apartments in Rockport, MA.

Mahaney’s Uechi Karate Academy – This site designed by Eoin for the Mahaney’s to promote there dojo in Gloucester MA.

University of Ultrasonics – This site designed by Eoin for Mark Davis’ NDT training classes.

Robert Lerch Gallery – This website designed by Eoin Vincent is a gallery of photographic works of Robert Lerch, Terry Walker and Fred Stein.

Patty Knaggs  & The Cut Bridge – A real estate website focused on real estate on Cape Ann, and her Blog about Cape Ann and Real Estate.

Artist Peter Vincent – This website designed by Eoin Vincent is the home of award winning marine painter Peter Vincent.