Eoin Vincent (b.1971)

Is a native of Rockport, Ma who credits his love of the creative process to growing up in a family that fostered the arts. As a young man, he became interested in photography as a means of expression and observing the world around him.

He has done a wide range of Photography including event, on location, and fine art.  His work has appeared in a number of publications worldwide, his fine art is internationally collected and is a part of the Peabody Essex Museum collection.

The author of the 2007 photo documentary book “Eyes of Tanzania”,  in 2012 he pushed his work with the critically acclaimed show “Coastline” and in 2015 he continues the challenge of his photography with CIRCADIAN TRANSPARENCY the 365 series.

He resides North of Boston, with his wife and three children.


If you are interest in buying, sharing or licensing the photography on this site, please contact Eoin at


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  1. Laura Wick hallowell


    I am working on restoring the Tim Baker Trophy at SBYC and wondered if you might know who won it in 1986, the year before you won it. Beth Thompson won in 1985. We also have a blank for 1984. Do you remember if there was bad weather or no wind to cancel those regattas? Possibly you came in 2nd and would remember the winner.

    Let me know fairly soon since I will be fastening all the name plates in with screws as soon as I get this info.

    Laura Wick Hallowell

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