Eoin Vincent 

With over 25 years of photography experience, I have created a body of work that tells a story.

With event and portrait photography it’s my desire to create engaging images that stop time and present ideas and stories of my subject matters.

Working with people and their vision is one of the joys and challenges of my work. I often travel light, being able to weave in and out, trying not to disturb or draw attention to myself during the photography process. With a desire to understand and use the new technologies, to bring a better image and account of the day.

I love connecting with people and learning about their passion, their craft, their moment and their motion in time.  In the last few years, I have been drawn to dance, CrossFit, and other artists as the body and mind connect and transferred into emotions, motions, and shapes of light.

I have been fortunate to work with great people and travel all over the world. I strive to learn more and find creative, engaging ways of telling peoples stories.

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