News From Eoin

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your support with my photography. The feedback has been
wonderful, though i have gotten some feedback that the new project has created
to many emails. If you are like me, you may get hundreds of emails a day and a
daily photo can get to be much.

I have opted to implement the weekly email for though who would like to still
get my notices of images being posted and I have created a Facebook Group page
of my photography. You can join the group here: Eoin Vincent Photographer

I hope these options allow you to still see the images but don’t clog up your
mail box.

Other things going on right now. 

Lisa and I have our 20th wedding anniversary next month and as we though about
ways to celebrate it. We decided to do something that we have been trying to do
for the last 11 years.

The Team Billy Ride and Walk for Research is in memory of my cousin Billy who
died of a rare brain tumor at the age of 12. Team Billy Ride and Walk For
Research was started by his father, mother and two sisters and they have been
able to make an impact on brain tumor research and help support families that
are coping with the effects of brain tumors.

We are proud to be apart of it this Ride and Walk this year (we will be

If you donate $100 or more to either Lisa or my fundraisers for this walk I will
send you a 7×7 print of your choice from the new 365 project.

These prints are limited editions of 50 and printed on museum quality paper.

Help support this great cause that helps to direct promising research, support
families who are currently coping with the effects of a brain tumor diagnosis,
and advocate for change.

Donate to Lisa’s walk

Donate to Eoin’s walk

Thanks and have a wonderful spring!

2014 Class

My daughter graduated High School this past week. It was an amazing event of passage, reflection and understanding that, that day is now. So,very proud of her and all of the hard work that she has put into school work and community.

As a photographer trying to capture images to tell the story of her graduation, I ran across all the standard issues, bad light, bad color and fast motion. Though I found new challenges that I had yet to face in this phone camera world that we now live in.

The big one?
The arms out stretched, I ran across this one a few times. It ruined a few photos, though I adapted.


Behind these arms is my lovely talented daughter. Really!

Thankfully, this woman was not a constant and I was able sneak in some good photos of my daughter.

The other challenge, very similar to the above, though they are capturing video. This means that it isn’t a quick had raise to take a photo but an extend process of blocking. This then required me moving around a little bit, though thankfully it was a simple adaptation for a few photos.

Things to remember when shooting an event like this:

1) If possible take a preshoot, before the event. Take photos of the family and in this case the graduate before the event. Grab some moments before the big event.

2) Sit where you can adapt if needed. If you find yourself with a iPhone videographer in front of you. Don’t be afraid to change your prespective.

3) ISO is your friend. Especially, if you are shooting with a DSLR from the last few years. Bumping up your ISO to freeze the motion is often worth the grain trade off in the photo.

4) Experiment, make adjustments and find the right balance

5) Enjoy the event! (Unless of course you are being paid to shoot it, then just always be looking for that special moment)

Happy shooting and Congratulations Hanna! We love you!

The Commuters


For the last 4 months I have been commuting by train to my office, after 18 years it has been a wonderful change. One of the wonderful parts of this process is the many people that you interact with and the many faces and stories that you see.

In the last few weeks I have been guided by shadows in my mind of the some of the profile sketches that I have seen by my Uncle Peter Vincent and some of the Polish street sketches of Bruno Shultz and wondering on how I could bring them to life as photos. This is my first swing at it. In my minds eye I had seen them as highly grainy B&W photos, but when one of the subjects has green hair, you make adjustments.

Special thanks to my three subjects today. Which I only know the name of one of them.

Autumn travels


As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post. After 13 years of commuting by car, I figured a way to do it by train. This has lead to daily walks to the office and station. Forcing me to slow down to see what is going on around this city that I inhabit so many days of the week and really do not know.

In a car it all flys by us, walking we can breath the air, hear the children playing, the geese flying overhead. We can say good morning, have a dog greet us and we can watch Autumn sneak up on us as the trees change.

I am not sure what this will do to my photography, but in the long run I think it will allow me to that time to connect to the world around me and to be able to better connect when I am with my friends and family.


For each artist there is a struggling that they are trying to answer. The artists have all gotten to these tools of communication for different reasons and hopes.

When you find an authentic voice that you can watch passionately searching for the solution in their art it is wonderful to see and experience. It really is a gift.

I am lucky enough to be married to this type of artist, as 11 years ago Lisa’s life was turned upside down and she committed her love and passion to the ceramic arts. Watching the growth, desire, pain and struggle she worked through each of her pieces that give each their own voice.

Using a mug made by Lisa is adding a flavor to the tea that you are drinking that grounds you and frees you with each sip.

It is with much excitement that she entered into the American Made Contest last week and she needs your vote, today and every day till the 13.

This will help fulfill a dream of hers, to be able to help others use pottery as a therapy and art form as they can take small moments in life and turning them into moments of awaking.

Please go and vote!

Thanks – Eoin

A Zeynep Sky

A Zeynep Sky -in memory of Zeynep Bakkal
A Zeynep Sky -in memory of Zeynep Bakkal

My understanding of the name Zeynep, it means jewel or fathers jewel. The Rockport community  has lost yet another jewel, Zeynep Bakkal. Many of us knew her from the jewelry shop on Bearskin Neck and many of us have children grown up with her and Ilter’s son.

She will be missed by many.

Zeynep thank you for bringing your art and your craft and making it a part of our community. You were truly a jewel.