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News From Eoin

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your support with my photography. The feedback has been wonderful, though i have gotten some feedback that the new project has created to many emails. If you are like me, you may get hundreds of emails a day and a daily photo can get to be much. I have opted to

2014 Class

My daughter graduated High School this past week. It was an amazing event of passage, reflection and understanding that, that day is now. So,very proud of her and all of the hard work that she has put into school work and community. As a photographer trying to capture images to tell the story of her

The Commuters

  For the last 4 months I have been commuting by train to my office, after 18 years it has been a wonderful change. One of the wonderful parts of this process is the many people that you interact with and the many faces and stories that you see. In the last few weeks I

Autumn travels

As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post. After 13 years of commuting by car, I figured a way to do it by train. This has lead to daily walks to the office and station. Forcing me to slow down to see what is going on around this city that I inhabit so many days


For each artist there is a struggling that they are trying to answer. The artists have all gotten to these tools of communication for different reasons and hopes. When you find an authentic voice that you can watch passionately searching for the solution in their art it is wonderful to see and experience. It really

A Zeynep Sky

My understanding of the name Zeynep, it means jewel or fathers jewel. The Rockport community  has lost yet another jewel, Zeynep Bakkal. Many of us knew her from the jewelry shop on Bearskin Neck and many of us have children grown up with her and Ilter’s son. She will be missed by many. Zeynep thank you for bringing your


Instagram Today

Last nights with the chimney pots #gloucester #moving #newhome #rooftops
Evening walk with a bear.
#gloucester #burnhamfield #lowlight #streetlamp #fog #lookingforhowel
Weeeeehhooooooo!!! #graduation #ur #richmond
The English department at UR.
#timemachine #history #amazingcampus #class2018
And now @18_haven has it's own Instagram account. #rockport #gloucester #newyork #advertising #history
My sketchbook, outtakes and 365 2018. Follow at - the other eoin
Hello Richmond
It feels like an Edwin Hopper painting today. #art #history #gloucester
Wonderful light tonight
#clouds #light #gloucester
Listening to the jazz band play and we get to talk to the bass player our son! 📷 @lisahannavincent
Good Morning Mr. Snip snip snip, with your haircut just as short as mine.
#haircut #tomwaits #earworm #waltham #blackandwhitephoto
Street art of Salem
#art #streetart #salem #ma #wow