I am very excited to present a new project that I just finished. It is a music video for the very tallented Kate Schrock.

The song Stories is from the Kate Schrock album “kor”.
Music video starring Madison Laing and William Vincent
Directed, shot and edited by Eoin Vincent
(c) 2014/2016 Kakelane Music under license to Bullseye Records of Canada.


Assignment #4 Slow-motion or Motion

This has been the most difficult assignment to date. This is due to time, light and not wanting to fall into something that I had done many times before. May of these I wish I could get online the way that I envisioned them, though that would put me past my time limit. Here is the raw footage and the answer to Assignment 4.


The first, Belle Circle



The second, Ward 2



The third, The city



And the last


a Long Ride Home


Bring back the idea that this blog is about visual sketches with cameras, I completed the above on my commute home this week. I have been processing of my family photos, taken by my Grandfather Kenneth Vincent. This project can be found at .  During this time I came across he above image of the NYC subway in the 1930’s or so.

It started me thinking.

Could I animate it and make it come alive.

This is my first take, and my first experiences with Adobe After Effects.

The Ocean – A Camera Test – Video

I shot this yesterday at Halibut Point. The camera shoot nice video, I am not sure why I keep on gravitating on making it black and white.