Ten years after Eyes of Tanzania

It has been ten years since I made that 42 hour trip to Tanzania. Where my mind was pushed to its limits, and my camera became part of my body.

I learned so much about the human spirit. I didn’t need anything but food and water, no more shiny things. A better understanding of what in life is needed and what our desires. Days and hours, where I met people and tried to capture their stories in the frame of pixels.

One of my goals was to process the photographs in a very limited fashion. A little sharping and white balancing, but nothing more.

The last few weeks I have decided to reimagine some of these images. As I did so, I wonder where some of these kids are now. I also, find a few of the photographs and have a new connection that missed the first time around.

Ten years have gone by fast. I am so thankful for the support of friends and the community during this project. It lives on.