365 Series

Assignment #5 Sweet

I first need to dedicate this assignment to the sweetest woman I know! My lovely wife Lisa!

This is the sweetest day of my life.

These assignments have progressive have become more an more difficult.

Sweet has so many different meanings.

The definition that I have been trying to find the photo is the sweetness that we find with a loved one and the little things that we give each other. Coffee in bed, time to talk or learning from each other. The joys and the pains of raising children is so sweet. . How do you visualize this. These first two photos are trying to address this definition.


Being a beekeeper when I hear sweet I also think of honey. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to look at my bees in a different way. Without these bee knee’s there would be no honey.

Last but not least, I am a day late but candy can be so sweet.