Ruminative Image


Often being creative needs influence and pushing. Today, my wonderful and creative wife Lisa reminded me to take some photos from the train. In this foggy morning it did not seem like it was going to be the best oprotunity, though the influences of the music that I was listening to added a creative influence to finish the image.

From the poetic lyrics of David Sylvian, Fire in the Forest

There is always sunshine
Above the grey sky
I will try to find it
Yes, I will try

My mind has been wandering
I hardly noticed
It’s running on its own steam
I let it go
Oh here comes my childhood
A penny for your secrets
It’s standing in the window
Not out here where it belongs

There’s a fire in the forest
It’s taking down some trees
When things are overwhelming
I let them be
I would like to see you
It’s lovely to see you
Come and take me somewhere
Come take me out

There is always sunshine
Far above the grey sky
I know that I will find it
Yes, I will try


Thank you Lisa and David for helping find the image for today.