The Long Way Down

The Above photo is from my trip to Tanzania in 2007. This past weekend I finished the Ewin McGregor and Charles Boorman TV documentary The Long Way Down. It is an adventure story of these men traveling from England to the tip of South Africa on their BMW motor bikes.
Their travels through through Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania, so very much reminded me of my adventure in Tanzania. Meeting and working with amazing people. The sounds and smells were coming back to me along with some faint tastes.
It was great watching someone else’s adventure, connecting with it and understanding some of the emotions that they went through during the process.
If you are unfamiliar with my book Eyes of Tanzania I now have it available as a PDF ebook here.


Tonight’s Walk

On my walk to the train the fall colors have fallen to the ground, turning yellow to brown. Though tonight I travel with the wonderful colors of the sunset.