Autumn air

Today was a wonderful day for a walk to the office. The air was crisp, the sun was bright, the shadows were deep and the trees were bright.



Inari Shrine

There is a bunch of photos that I have taken in the last two years that I really have not gone back and looked at. This is one of the that I had taken in Kyoto Japan of a Inari Shrine. I have always had a connection to these shrines after reading the book The Samurai’s Tale by Erik C. Haugaard.




The day started with a wonderful sun rise. Though it felt like the first frost as I walked through the city streets watching my breath and the steam rising from the Charles.



New image old idea

It has been over 20 years since I had my first one man show. The show had a lot of very different images in it, but they were all based around the black and white images that I was printing at my home. A lot of the images were looking at ways to push black and white images beyond what they were and so I started coloring them with inks.
Bringing this all to modern day, I have been experimenting with some new tools, this image is my first test on understanding how the digital inks respond to the contrast and shadows of my images.