For each artist there is a struggling that they are trying to answer. The artists have all gotten to these tools of communication for different reasons and hopes.

When you find an authentic voice that you can watch passionately searching for the solution in their art it is wonderful to see and experience. It really is a gift.

I am lucky enough to be married to this type of artist, as 11 years ago Lisa’s life was turned upside down and she committed her love and passion to the ceramic arts. Watching the growth, desire, pain and struggle she worked through each of her pieces that give each their own voice.

Using a mug made by Lisa is adding a flavor to the tea that you are drinking that grounds you and frees you with each sip.

It is with much excitement that she entered into the American Made Contest last week and she needs your vote, today and every day till the 13.


This will help fulfill a dream of hers, to be able to help others use pottery as a therapy and art form as they can take small moments in life and turning them into moments of awaking.

Please go and vote!

Thanks – Eoin