The Witch House


A piece of America History and my childhood go on the market.
Most people that grew up in pigeon cove know the Witch House. I was lucky enough to spend many hours at the above table, drinking tea, talking to the people coming through and a dancer or two that would be spending their summers at Windover.


For many it was also their place like mine that learned to ice skate on the pond in the back.


Though the real amazing part was, being in my teens and siting in these rooms, hundreds of years old from a very different time. Feeling the space and the possible motions of other though out the room.


I feel very lucky to be able to walk thought these rooms again, it has been at least 25 years and the stories came flooding back to me.


If you are interested in a wonderful piece of history like this house, I know my wife Lisa would be more than happy to help you out. She can me contacted at 978-660-0686