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Tsukiji Fish Market

City Scape – Meditation


Sometimes I find myself in a city. This is the view above and the sound below. Todays meditation.


This Call is For You.

This Call is For You - MBTA

This Call is For You – MBTA

Ruminative Image


Often being creative needs influence and pushing. Today, my wonderful and creative wife Lisa reminded me to take some photos from the train. In this foggy morning it did not seem like it was going to be the best oprotunity, though the influences of the music that I was listening to added a creative influence to finish the image.

From the poetic lyrics of David Sylvian, Fire in the Forest

There is always sunshine
Above the grey sky
I will try to find it
Yes, I will try

My mind has been wandering
I hardly noticed
It’s running on its own steam
I let it go
Oh here comes my childhood
A penny for your secrets
It’s standing in the window
Not out here where it belongs

There’s a fire in the forest
It’s taking down some trees
When things are overwhelming
I let them be
I would like to see you
It’s lovely to see you
Come and take me somewhere
Come take me out

There is always sunshine
Far above the grey sky
I know that I will find it
Yes, I will try


Thank you Lisa and David for helping find the image for today.


Artists Influence

A very sneak peek of the new works of Lisa Vincent

A very sneak peek of the new works of Lisa Vincent

For the next few weeks some of the major influencers in my work will be on display as the Vincent clan is on display in 3 different show with 3 different styles of works on Cape Ann.

The one show that I am really excited about is my wife Lisa’s work. It will be at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St, Gloucester as part of the Art of the Possible: All Clay Inclusive show August 29th to 31st. She has been working on some wonderful new works with wonderful color and texture for this show it has been really inspiring to see what she has been doing.

To learn more about Art of the Possible: All Clay Inclusive >>
To learn more about Lisa Vincent >>

Windward by Peter Vincent

Windward by Peter Vincent

At the North Shore Arts Association in the Artists and the Cape Ann Experience, my late Uncle Peter Vincent will have 4 works. two of his amazing etchings and two of  his acrylic’s. This show is 150 of  some of most famous Cape Ann artist including Bernstein, Gruppe, Hibbard, Mulhaupt and Vincent. The show goes on from August 23rd – September 27th.

To learn more about the Artists and the Cape Ann Experience show >>

Poets house - Paris

Poets house – Paris by Eoin Vincent

Lastly, this month one of my images from Paris is in the 4th Summer show at the Rockport Art Association.

To learn more about the 4th Summer show >>

Hope you can make some of the shows and enjoy the rest of your summer!



James Joyce?

Somewhere close to the boarder of Pennsylvania I found James Joyce mowing the lawn. As Lisa and I pulled into a parking lot this Dubliner looked at us under the brim of his crooked hat. Regretfully, the photographer (me) was unable to capture the full effect of his appearance.

Light and Landscape Magazine

Hey, take a look! I am a contributor in this months Light and Landscape Magazine vol: 4  for the iOS on my SnapSeed / Eye-fi portable workflow.

Old Burying Point – Salem

Two Barns

I shot and processed these two photos of a barn in Salem and I am not sure how I feel about them. Which one do you like better? Or do you think I should reshoot it when I am back in Salem?

Barn 1

Barn 1

Barn 2

Barn 2